Sixers Draft Prospects at Pick 10

The Sixers hold two picks in the first round of the upcoming NBA Draft, pick 10 and pick 26. Its going to be interesting how the organization handles this draft because of possible trades that could be made and how at the moment Brett Brown, who has had zero General Manager experience, making the roster moves in the Sixers’ most crucial offseason in years. Here are my top players for the Sixers at their crucial pick at number 10.

Pick 10

Mikal Bridges (Small Forward, Villanova)


Basically everyone in Philadelphia knows who Mikal Bridges is thanks to him being a star player for Villanova’s National Champion team this past season, he’s also a local kid hailing from Great Valley High School in Pennsylvania. Bridges is prototype example of a “3 and D” player, something that NBA teams are now salivating over, especially at the Small Forward position. He showed tremendous on-ball defensive skills, a great motor, good skills on offense and very consistent numbers while shooting from both three point and the mid-range areas. Along with the positives, Bridges does has had a small issue with his off ball defense and needs to add some more muscle to his lanky frame. He is the most complete player with the best fit that the Sixers can find at this area of the draft, however drafting Bridges would throw the spot of Robert Covington-a First Team All Defensive Team-being that they are almost identical types of players at the same position; Covington after signing a long term extension struggled mightily both shooting the ball and at the end of the season on defense. The only issue with Mikal Bridges is the good chance he isn’t available at pick 10.

Lonnie Walker IV (Shooting Guard, Miami FL)


Lonnie Walker in my opinion is the most interesting player in the draft. He’s a guy who can be this year’s version of Donovan Mitchell. Walker is an insane athlete who can create his own shot and guard numerous positions with his 6’10 wingspan. Walker is a good shooter from deep although his college number is only 35%, putting it in perspective, Mitchell shot only 33% from three point range at Louisville. Walker’s shot is a clean shooting form and beautiful rotation on the ball after his release. H Walker could use some improvement in attacking contact at the basket and consistent focus during off-the-ball defense. Being that J.J. Redick is older and his future with the Sixers is unknown, the Shooting Guard position could use a placeholder for future years to come. Walker didn’t live up to his ultimate potential at Miami during the winter, but he might be a player who is more toned for the NBA game and could fit really well into how the Sixers play.

Kevin Knox (Small Forward, Kentucky)


Kevin Knox is an interesting prospect. He was a top 5 recruit coming out of high school but didn’t particularly play to his potential in his one year at Kentucky. However, he is one of the youngest players in the draft, he doesn’t turn 19 until August; Knox is also really athletic while showing that he can stroke the ball. He’s very comparable to Otto Porter due to his likely hood to experience growing pains before becoming a key piece to a contender.

Draft Day Trade


Today, a report came out about Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. This is huge considering he is still under contract and the Sixers have both the cap room to extend him and the pieces to trade for him. Along with those factors, Leonard has also been seeing the Sixers’ team doctor for his recent injury and reportedly wants to play in a large market. We also can’t forget to mention that Brett Brown has ties to him from his prior work in the Spurs’ organization.

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