The Process Hall of Fame

Now that the Process seems to be complete and the Sixers are in the NBA Playoffs for the first time since the 2011-2012 campaign. Through the past 5 seasons, Sam Hinkie brought in an insane amount of players who were from the D-League (Now G-League), hanging on to the NBA by a thread or trading for players that didn’t want to play for a team cooking up a historical batch of losses. Sam Hinkie’s plan sure was a wild one but it has proven to be precise and all the bit worth the wait. We have put together a list of “Process Players” who never made it into the light after the tanking days.


-Played for or acquired by the Sixers during the years 2012-2018

-Didn’t make it the the 2018 Post All-Star Break Roster

-Playing in games is not a requirement

The Process Hall of Fame

Andrew Bynum

Bynum never played a game for the Sixers, but due to him getting injured while bowling, the Sixers had a poor enough season to need a new General Manager.

Tony Wroten

Wroten and his flashy/atrocious plays will be forever remembered.

Jahlil Okafor

Big Jah had a great rookie season for an awful 10-72 team, unfortunately for him he was a security blanket for if Joel Embiid didn’t pan out.

Kwame Brown

We had to make sure we had one of the worst draft busts of all time in the tanking equation.

Michael Carter-Williams

The 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year was fun to watch, but I think we’re all happier with Ben Simmons running the point. We also wouldn’t have a lottery pick in 2018 without MCW.

Ish Smith

“A dish from Ish” is probably any Process Truster’s favorite quote to hear from the time period.

Furkan Aldemir

Our new Furkan has a much brighter future than this one ever did.

Elfrid Peyton

Without the pick of Peyton, Sam Hinkie would have never been able to trade for The Homie. Orlando, thank you.

Arturas Gudaitis & Luka Mitrovic

Without these two, Hinkie wouldn’t have been able to rip off Sacramento and we wouldn’t have Markelle Fultz.

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