Ain’t This What We’ve Been Waiting For?

They say it’s impossible to stop time, but something special happened on Sunday night. With nine seconds left on the game clock, the Patriots snapped the ball for what would end up being the final play of the 2018 football season, they ran a Hail Mary. In this moment for everyone who bleeds green–astonishingly it felt as if time was at a stand still when Tom Brady launched the ball 51 yards to the end-zone; even more so when the ball was tipped around for another second or two. Finally, the ball hit the ground and the clock hit double zeros. At last, our time arrived. Eagles 41 Patriots 33.


Fans sit atop the the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


As waves of black, green and white poured onto and all over Broad Street, one thing may have been slightly overlooked. The moment many of us became Philly Fans was our moments of birth; for that reason, our family members who are as passionate if not more than us. A great example was when Ray Didinger was on the set
of the NBCS Philly Super Bowl Post Game Show and his son came on set and greeted his father with a huge-warm hug; this made Didinger erupt with emotions. I personally watched the game with my two parents and I would not rather share the moment with any other people. The best part about it is that my father who not only instilled my love for the Eagles but my love for football in general. As the game concluded and everyone in the room was hugging, my dad said, “I never thought this day would come." It was in that moment where it truly hit me that rooting for this team goes more than just football; its family, friends, and the memories made through good and bad. This brings the whole Philadelphia area together. It turns millions of people into one single family.


Nick Foles (Super Bowl MVP) admires the Lombardi Trophy in disbelief.

It is amazing how this team came together. The fact that you had 5 Pro-Bowl players on the Injured-Reserved and you can keep chugging along is unreal. This was the true meaning of a team; they turned a 53 player unit into one single unit working together. This was the most Philadelphia football team that we have ever witnessed, embracing the underdog “Rocky-ish” role. They embodied what it meant to be a Philadelphian. It is incredible how the time we were not supposed to win it all is when we did. All of us fans everywhere, no matter what age we are; we deserve this-there is no doubt. Philadelphia, the wait is officially over. We are on top now. No more, “Where’s your ring” jokes from all the other fans in football.


Fans wearing dog masks during the NFC Championship game on January 21, 2017. The Eagles won that game 38-7.

Every single team in our city has a modern championship now. This is a football town though; this is what we have been longing for. This was 58 long and painful years in the making. Now the monkey is off the back, there is no telling what this may lead to. Maybe this was a one-time thing, or maybe this is the start of a dynasty. Regardless, no one can take this from us now and we can be crazy about this until August. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: as Harry Kalas once said, “let the city celebrate”; or to go further, as Merrill Reese proclaimed Sunday night, “Eagles fans everywhere, this is for you!”

The celebrations are and will be something for the ages. The nation will have to witness how we aren’t angry fans, we’re just insanely passionate.


Fans rejoicing on Broad Street after the Super Bowl victory…and standing atop a couple trash trucks.

Now that we have felt it… Ain’t this what we’ve been waiting for?



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