True Philly Fashion

This 2017 Eagles campaign has been an interesting one to say the absolute least. There has been extreme highs and heart-breaking lows. This also may be the “most Philadelphia” teams, if not the most, we have ever witnessed. What’s that mean? Well this team has been an underdog essentially this whole time; at the dawn of this season many people, including myself, really didn’t expect the team to even win the division; my prediction was 9-7 or 10-6 with a wild-card birth. They’ve even managed to have this season seem to follow the course of the Rocky series (1-4), thus far. This is a team with a GM who has returned with a vengeance after losing his job to Chip Kelly, a  Head Coach who “wasn’t ready to be a head coach”, an MVP QB from the middle of nowhere, Nick Foles regaining relevancy, an emerging star at Cornerback who everyone said probably wasn’t “pro material” and a group of warriors that have seemed to ring the bell at any challenge thrown their way; and they may just end up going down as Philly’s most memorable team if they can win just two more games.


Brandon Graham (55) gets past Jared Goff (16) to ice the NCF East clinching win against the Los Angeles Rams.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something along these lines though. In 2008 there was an MLB team that played into deep October, a team that wasn’t supposed to even win the NL East and was doubted going into every single round. Sound familiar? Well the 2008 Fightin’ Phils were the team and we all know what they did. This Eagles team is accomplishing and living through something eerily similar. But these Birds have gone through something more magical thus far.


Jalen Mills celebrates after causing a game sealing incomplete pass to help the Eagles move on to the NFC Championship Round

Now to the entire Rocky thing. Rocky 1 being the first couple games of the season where the team was looked at as somewhat as a fluke after starting 3-1. Rocky 2 was the next few when we knew it was real and the nation realized it was. Rocky 3 was when we were beating up the teams like Chicago and San Francisco with the loss to Seattle (Clubber Lang defeating Rocky)-Wentz getting hurt(Micky’s death) and the team came back and finished with the top seed(Rocky beating Lang). Now we are at Rocky 4 as the Birds are looked at as a team-without Wentz-that can’t compete with top dogs(Rocky faces a battle that nobody thinks he can win against Ivan Drago). Obviously Rocky defeated Drago by chopping him down round by round-ironically it’s exactly what the Eagles need to do to the top team of the power rankings in the remainder of the playoffs. They’ll have to do it in true Philly fashion though, as the underdog.


The big fight in Rocky 4 about to start.

When the chips fell and many would think all hope was lost, it wasn’t. Even when our Hall of Fame Left Tackle blew his knee out, our All-Pro Linebacker tore his Achilles, our do-it-all Halfback broke his wrist along with tearing his ACL and most of all when our MVP Quarterback tore his ACL. Maybe this is karma for Nick Foles going through his struggles after Chip Kelly threw him away and its him being rewarded with an opportunity.

Could this be our time? Maybe on February 5, 2018 nobody will be making the Super Bowl jokes about Philadelphia. Maybe this could be the energy for all of these young Philly teams need to feed off of to spring something truly special into motion. Now, with all of that being said, we’ve gone through some of the most painful losses to the teams the were supposed to win it. We watched our Super Bowl XXXIX hopes slip away as Andy Reid struggled to manage time correctly and while our star QB threw up on the field. A city with this much pride and passion, we deserve for our favorite team to accomplish the dream. In a city full of underdogs, movies taking place here about underdogs becoming legendary and a city that deserves a chance to just hold Lombardi one time… Maybe, just maybe this is how OUR YEAR is supposed to unfold. Fly. Eagles. Fly. On the road to Victory.

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