Is 11 Our Special Number?

There have been fifteen players in Eagles’ history to wear the number “11”. Many of those players were Quarterbacks. Two of which happened to win a championship for Philadelphia, unfortunately before it was called the “Super Bowl”. One of the two Quarterbacks was the late-great Norm “The Dutchman” Van Brocklin from 1958 through 1960-who led the franchise to the 1960 NFL Championship-was awarded the first and only MVP award in Eagles’ history. The other was Tommy Thompson, he led Philly to the 1949 NFL Championship.


The most recent player to wear the number is the beloved Carson Wentz, who just so happened to emerge as one of the front-runners for the MVP award this season. Along with Wentz’ performance, the Eagles hold the NFL’s best record. The start to the 1949 season was 10-1 and the 1960 season was 9-1, both of which ended with championships. Both quarterbacks wore 11. In 2004 the team started 10-1-oddly enough-Jeff Blake, their back-up quarterback, wore number 11. Unfortunately, the fate wasn’t the same and they lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX(39).


You always hear how 11-when doubled-is supposed to be lucky or bring signs of success. Tommy Thompson was the first player to wear the number for the Birds, but Van Brocklin was the second player to win a championship while wearing the number. 11 is also said to be “instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal” which turns eyes towards Carson Wentz. This is the second level of football at which he’s worn the number; 11:11 on a clock is auspicious sign, conducive to success. This can really get your mind going with what this could mean for the Eagles, and the city of Philadelphia as a whole. I guess time can only tell if we, the fans who bleed green, will find out if this is actually true……. Is 11 our special number?



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