Phillies Hire Gabe Kapler


The Phillies have recently made their choice for the club’s new skipper. That man is Gabe Kapler. He played in the bigs for 12 seasons; he earned career statistics such as: .269 Batting Average, .329 On Base Percentage, 82 Home Runs and 799 Hits; he also played for 6 different teams including: Boston, Tampa Bay, Milwaukee, Colorado, Texas and Detroit. He is an interesting character for sure-which is obvious from the “coconut oil” comment on his blog-but it should be engrossing to see what he can do with this young and talented team with a very large upside with players like Rhys Hoskins, Nick Williams, J.P Crawford, Jorge Alfaro and Aaron Nola. My personal preference in this hire was the manager of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (Phillies Triple-A Affiliate) Dusty Wathan, but I will certainly put my faith in Kapler–desperately hoping that he can guide us back to the top of the league. Much like Charlie Manuel did back in the franchise’s “Glory Days.”

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