A Realistic Possibility

After a fourth of the 2017 NFL season already over, the Philadelphia Eagles are sitting at the top of the NFCEast standings with a 3-1 record (2-0 in the division). They have showed things so far that certainly weren’t apparent in the 2016 season. Carson Wentz is looking good with a he’s thrown for 1,058 yards, 6 passingtouchdowns, 1 interception and completing 60.5% of his passes. The running game has finally showed up, and it’s done so with blunt trauma towards the defense. The corners have held up nicely too, especially after losing the team’s number one cornerback week one when Ronald Darby sustained a dislocated ankle.

Carson Wentz is having a very good sophomore campaign thus far. Aside from the statistics, he has looked so much more comfortable out there. He has also been granted much more responsibility over the offense, he’s making many more audibles and they’re turning out to be very good decisions. He has also managed to maintain playing with his usual style, prolonging plays long enough to help them have a positive outcome. He has managed to rack up 97 rushing yards which is far more than he had after 4 games last season. If he can continue this pace Wentz would end with: 4,232 passing yards, 24 passing touchdowns, 8interceptions and 388 rushing yards. That’d be a very good season for him.
The running back position has finally returned for the Eagles. After two long seasons without a stable run game, it seems like they’ve found the solutions; the last two games it looks like the LeGarrette Blount, Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement combo is starting to gain traction and run the ball well. Of course the loss of Darren Sproles will have its effect. In the last two games the running backs totalled 357 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. As long as this new combo can keep up what they’re doing, the running game will be in very good shape.
We did see the defensive backfield stretch out to what was basically the thinnest it could. That was against the Giants and thanks to Jake Elliott’s magic, that scare is non existent. The cornerback position has held up greatly during the absence of Ronald Darby as well. Jalen Mills is showing he is capable of being a true starting CB and Douglas and Robinson have played exceptional during this stretch. Ronald Darby is eying a Week 7 return; as long as these guys can do the same against the Cardinals and Panthers, we should see the opening day defensive backfield back in order. Keep in mind, if the Eagles are still flying in December and have a shot at the playoffs there could be someone waiting in the wings. A 2017 draft pick who fans would love to see play this season.

If the Birds can continue this pace, it’s a true possibility that this team could be a top tier team, at least in the NFC. The division so far has looked ripe for the taking and since the Eagles from 2001 to 2004, no teamhas repeated NFC East Division titles. Also, a 2-0 division start is a big help. In Andy Reid’s second season as coach the made the postseason; hopefully Doug Pederson can have the same success.

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